Self catering holiday cottages

A selection of self catering holiday cottages in the UK and Ireland. Use the Cottage Search Assistant to perform a search for the type of cottage that you would like to find or click on the headings below to browse through cottage listings where you will be able to sort the cottages in various orders, such as by price.

self catering cottages

Enjoy a cottage holiday in north Wales with lovely views of Snowdonia


Holiday cottages by Occupancy - just in case you would like to browse through the cottages and decide where you stay simply by the accommodation.

holiday cottage for 2

holiday cottage for 4

holiday cottage for 6

holiday cottage for 8

holiday cottage for 10


Holiday cottages by country - our Holiday Destination Guide may also help you choose where you would lkie to holiday next.

self catering holiday cottages in England

self catering holiday cottages in Ireland

self catering holiday cottages in Scotland

self catering holiday cottages in Wales

Thatched Cottages for a nostalgic rural holiday

thatched cottage sleeps 4

3 bedroom thatched cottage sleep six

thatched farmhouse holiday with four bedrooms

Big thatched cottage sleeps 10


Holiday cottage accommodation is wonderful if you like your home comforts and can afford to pay that bit extra for the space, privacy and joy that it brings. Our portfolio of cottages shows a complete range from good simple accommodation up to large houses and mansions in the country.  A cottage with a swimming pool is very nice but will be in high demand and therefore the price will reflect this. Prices are all set by individual owners so that it may pay to take time and compare cottages. Price does not always determine standards and certain factors such as good views, a friendly welcome and eagerness to please cannot be valued.

The champagne you sip watching a sunset from a basic cottage in north Wales will taste as good as in the most expensive luxury cottage available. Naturally we would all prefer the best of everything but most of us have budgets and have to settle for what we can afford. Happiness is appreciating the things we have rather than dwelling on the things we cannot afford. Life is a journey and who knows what the future will bring?

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