Dogs welcome self-catering accommodation near Skegness

Are you contemplating a cottage holiday in Skegness with your dogs?

self-catering holiday cottages in skegnessPopular with families because it has such a good beach, Skegness has a reputation of providing a traditional seaside experience on the Lincolnshire coast.  There are numerous self-catering holiday options in and around Skegness that include comfortable cottages, modern pine lodges and also town houses and apartments. A good precentage of the holiday homes are pet-friendly and permit holidaymakers to stay with their dogs.

Find pet-friendly cottages in Skegness

Taking your dog away on holiday seems like a no-brainer to many pet owners. Often hating having to put their beloved pet into kennels while they're away, many more devoted dog lovers are looking for accommodation in Skegness that lets them bring their furry friend away with them too.

About Skegness

Skegness is a seaside town on the Lincolnshire coast in the Midlands of England. Often seen as a resort town, it is a popular area with holidaymakers looking to get away and escape to the coast for a little while. The coast of Skegness is Eastern facing, making it a drier area to holiday than the majority of the UK, making it very appealing to those who want to holiday in England without putting up with the awful English weather.  A famous holiday park is resident near Skegness, at Ingoldmells, where it is possible to purchase day tickets and enjoy the shows, swimming pool and facilities for a family day out.

What Types Of Cottages Are Available?

If you’re looking to take your dog away on holiday with you, you may be wondering what types of accommodation you’ll be able to get that will accommodate the whole family, including your furry friend. It all depends on what you want from a holiday home really, but here are just a few of the options that are available to you.

Holiday Parks near Skegness

skegness log cabin holidays with hot tubOften popular with families, holiday parks are a great way to take your dog away with you. Staying in a holiday park tends to involve staying in a pine lodge, cottage or caravan, which can be a great way to add a sense of adventure to your holiday, especially if there are children as it’s somewhere completely different to stay instead of a house. Log cabin holidays tend to have a hot tub, which is popular with some people.

Holiday parks are often situated on the outskirts of town, near country paths and walks which are absolutely perfect for walking your dog, ensuring that they get the exercise that they need in a beautiful setting that you can't help but enjoy. The parks themselves also often have a lot of open space, meaning that your dog can run around the park too while you relax, or you can take a trip down to the local beach and enjoy the beautiful scenery there too.

It’s not just the furry friends you have to keep entertained on holiday, though, it's the kids too. These holiday parks often have on-site entertainment, which is perfect for keeping the kids out of your hair while you relax and enjoy your holiday. Whether it's gaming rooms, swimming pools or kids clubs, these are available right on your doorstep if you’re staying in a holiday park, meaning that the children can go off themselves, with you knowing that they’ll be safe from danger as they don’t have to leave the park.

Holiday parks are a great way to get back to nature, and with their excellent facilities, they can be so much fun for everyone. There’s no reason that you have to think that you are unable to stay in these parks if you have a disability either as they often have plenty of features to ensure that they are accessible for every member of the family, no matter what their needs or requirements, whether they be human or animal.

There is a vast amount of entertainment along Skegness seafront. Backing on to the beach are the Pleasure Beach Amusements, the Pier, a clock tower, Skegness Aquarium and Model Village, Natureland Seal Sanctuary in addition to the usual cinemas, ten pin bowling, fun fair and casino. You may consider staying in an independent dogs welcome cottage since Skeness offers so much to families on holiday.

Coastal Cottages on the Lincolnshire coast within a few miles of Skegness

family board game in a holiday cottage when it is rainingIf you want something a little quieter than a holiday park but still just as pet-friendly, staying in a coastal cottage might be perfect for you and your family. There is no denying the beauty of staying in one of these cottages, with stunning views and a relaxing atmosphere, you can really get away from it in one of these cottages.  Sometimes it is nicer to have a private place away from lots of other holidaymakers and their dogs. Cottages make for good all-weather accommodation and offer a pleasant place to stay if the heavens open. There is always a film to watch, a book to read of games to play with the children until the sun comes out again.

What dog doesn’t like running on the beach, though, really? Whether you plan on letting your dog off the lead to run for their life or want to just stroll along the beach, staying in a coastal cottage is a brilliant way to have the most beautiful of dog walks right on your doorstep. Cottages are perfect for if you have more than one dog too, offering much more space than accommodation than a holiday park, so if you have an entire wolf pack, a peaceful, rural coastal cottage might be just what you all need.

Often just a short walk away, these luxury coastal cottages tend to have dog-friendly pubs, meaning that you don’t have to just leave your pet alone if you want to go out and socialise, which is a definite winner with many dog owners.

Coastal cottages aren’t just perfect for dogs, though, they’re perfect for anyone looking for a relaxing break. Whether you need somewhere accessible for a disability or somewhere fun for the entire family to just relax, you won’t find anywhere else quite as charming or as easy to get around than a coastal cottage.

These are just a couple of pet-friendly holiday ideas available if you're wanting to take your dog away to Skegness with you. If you’re looking for beautiful dog walks, look no further than coastal cottages along the beach, and if you’re looking for something suitable for all of the family, including the dogs, a holiday park might be the right choice for you. No matter what you and your family require for your pet-friendly holiday, Skegness will have the perfect accommodation just for you to ensure that you have the best, most relaxing holiday possible.

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