Holiday cottages named after flowers - perfect for a summer break

country cottages named after flowers

Holiday cottages with flower names are very common in Britain. Our love of flowers, gardens and the countryside extends to our possessions. In many cases, the reason why a holiday cottage has been given a certain name is because of its proximity to the flowers in questions. The flowers may in the garden or perhaps the cottage is in an area known for its drifts of snowdrops, wild daffodils, clematis or honeysuckle.

A lovely selection of beautiful holiday cottages named after flowers is available from the list below. Do explore and find a holiday cottage named after one of your own favourite flowers for a pleasant self-catering holiday or weekend break in the country.



Summer days bring out the daisies in British meadows, wild honeysuckle straggles through hedgerows and the air is full of birdsong.  A week or even a few days in a British country cottage calms and soothes. There is nothing quite like it anywhere in the world.

There are certain small cottage holiday complexes where a group of cottages is named after popular garden flowers. For example this group of beautiful cottages on a farm in central England all have names of flowers. Bluebell has a blue themed living room, Snowdrop is decorated in cool white and green. Also find Cornflower, Cowslip, Daisy and Lavender - all decorated to match their namesake and make the most charming holiday accommodation.

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