Self catering country cottage holidays on the Scottish islands


The Scottish islands are an off the beaten track destination for country cottage holidays.  For those that make the journey though, many consider the Scottish islands to be a rewarding and memorable place for a self catering stay.  It is possible to find a level of tranquillity and solitude here that is difficult to find anywhere else in the UK.  Plus, the wildlife watching is simply excellent.  Some of the best whale watching in the UK is possible from these islands.  The Islands of Scotland that you can visit include:

-    The Orkney Isles

-    Shetland

-    The Outer and Inner Hebrides

Isle of Skye, a beautiful isle for country cottage holidays
  Some of the stunning scenery on the Isle of Skye

Not that many people live in the Scottish isles and this makes these islands rich in wildlife and very much unspoilt.  Each island is unique and special in its own way.  Read on to find out more about the charms of each of the Scottish islands and learn about what there is to discover on a self catering holiday in these remote parts of Scotland.

What to see and do on a cottage break on the Scottish islands


Orkney is known for stone circles and fantastic opportunities abound for observing birds, seals, dolphins and even whales. An island known to have a strong spiritual vibe, Orkney is an excellent choice for remote self catering holidays.


Shetland is reputed to be one of the best places in the UK for spotting whales.  What's more, sightings of killer whales have even been reported here.  This is great news if you are looking for a country cottage holiday where you can nature watch on this remote island.  Sandy beaches and coast abounds here.  There are also castles and interesting ancient sites such as Jarlshof.  Some describe Shetland as the stuff of dreams.

The Outer Hebrides, also known as the Western Isles

There are islands known as the Outer Hebrides and others known as the Inner Hebrides.  Put simply, the Inner Hebrides are those islands that are nearer to the Scottish mainland and the Outer Hebrides are those that are located more North Westerly and further out to sea.

The Outer Hebrides are made up of a series of small islands including: St Kilda (the smallest), Barra, South Uist, North Uist, the Isle of Harris and the Isle of Lewis (the largest island in the Outer Hebrides).  The pace of life in this part of Scotland is very much relaxed and interesting features to see on a cottage holiday include stone circles and sea lochs.  This is certainly a relaxing place to take a country cottage break and a good option if you are looking for peace and quiet.  Visitors come here for the stunning natural scenery and fantastic opportunities to watch birds and other animals.  Some come specifically to visit St Kilda which is a world heritage site that can only be reached by boat.  St Kilda is a nature reserve looked after by the national trust for Scotland and other organisations.  Only birds nowadays have this island as their home and there are estimated to be around 1 million living there.  St Kilda is recognised as the UK’s most remote point.

enjoy great wildlife watching on a scottish island cottage holiday


The Inner Hebrides

The Inner Hebrides are made up of 36 islands in total which stretch from the Isle of Skye down along the West coast of Scotland.  The largest of these islands is the Isle of Skye, followed by the Isle of Mull and then Islay.  The Isle of Skye is certainly a special destination for a country cottage stay.  Be amazed by nature and beauty on the Isle of Skye.  Enjoy wildlife watching, look out for wild stags, sea eagles and take a boating trip and enjoy looking out for seals or whales.

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