Cottage holidays in Ballindalloch, Speyside

Book a cottage break in Ballindalloch and enjoy an amazing Scottish holiday in a stunning part of the country.  On first glance, this quaint village in Banffshire, Moray, may be a confusing tongue twister but delve further into this hidden gem situated perfectly on the River Spey and you’ll see an area that will the perk up the interest of any potential tourist.

A calming Scottish self-catering holiday full of beauty

A holiday in Ballindalloch is calming, just one beautiful rural view after another, the excitement of spotting a swooping owl, sampling whisky at the distillery. The whole Spey Valley is there to explore so it’s essential to come by car to really get the most out of a stay in Ballindalloch. Stop for lunch at pubs and restaurants that you stumble across in Speyside and you will not necessarily need to cook in your holiday cottage unless you want to in the evening. Renting a private holiday home to return to is a joy because it is your own personal space where you can truly relax and enjoy time with your partner, family or friends. It offers all of the comforts of home and somewhere where you can try the Scottish foods and drinks that you may have bought on your travels that day.  Find country cottages for couples, family holiday homes and big group accommodation.

Book a holiday home in Scotland with WiFi if you rely on researching the Speyside area on a smartphone during your trip.

Ballindalloch holiday home


A country cottage break in a Scottish rural idyll

The crystal-clear waters of the River Spey flow through gently hills and wooded countryside where clumps of slender birches add a delicate air.  Clumps of primroses shine brightly in the green meadows in spring. Granite houses are dotted about at wide intervals and even Ballindalloch consists of little more than a few farms and a few cottages although it does have a castle and a golf course. 

You just have to sample the whisky during a holiday in Speyside

You think Scotland. You think great whisky…and Ballindalloch is no different. This charming village is home to the Ballindalloch Distillery, Scotland’s first ever single estate distillery adopting an approach to whisky making that’s rarely seen today. Recently opened by Prince Charles and The Duchess of Cornwall, you can choose to be part of the production process on the Distillery Tour or get fully “hands on” with the staff and the traditional methods used on The Art of Whisky Making Tour. The choice is completely yours!

Although the distillery was opened as recent as 2015, the connection with Ballindalloch and whisky runs as far back as the 16th century when the nearby castle was first built. But it wasn’t until Sir George Macpherson-Grant leased part of the Ballindalloch Estate to local distiller John Smith that whisky became prominent in the area. Fast forward a few years and the Macpherson-Grants are back at the helm with Guy, the 23rd generation of his family, who carried on his ancestors’ dream. Ballindalloch Distillery is just a small part of this special Highland Estate, which dates all the way back to 1499. Its shining light however is the spectacular Ballindalloch Castle, positioned perfectly on the banks of the River Avon and official residence of the Macpherson-Grants since the 16th century. Seen as one of the most romantic castles in the whole of Scotland, it is well worth exploring the family memorabilia and fine collection of paintings inside. Even if you have the quickest of looks around this picturesque paradise, you’ll see why locals and a number of its visitors call it “The Pearl of the North”.

Purchase a souvenir of your holiday in Ballindalloch

Home to award-winning loos and a gift shop that sells all that you would want from your day, the castle also consists of a tearoom, the perfect place for you and the family to relax, unwind and recall your favourite part of your trip. Why not treat yourself to a homemade soup, Aberdeen Angus beef sandwich or a slice of Hummingbird cake? The most delicious dessert for those that crave pineapple, banana, walnuts and cinnamon with a cream cheese frosting!

Visit Ballindalloch Castle during your stay

The castle gardens are just as stunning, and a must see for those with green fingers at any time of the year. As soon as you stroll past the 18th century dovecote at the entrance, you are transported into a world of vibrant colour and the soft sensual smells of summer. Look out for daffodils in the spring and the occasional appearance of red squirrels and roe deers. All hidden treasures in this area of paradise…as is the garden’s jewel in the crown, the Bridge of Avon, a fascinating 18th century structure with two ornamental turrets that’s carved into the rocky gorge and seen as an ode to the Jacobite Rebellion.

Treat yourself to a game of golf on holiday in Ballindalloch

Love your golf? Then you’ll love the Ballindalloch Castle Golf Course, again part of the vast Ballindalloch Estate and known to some as the finest 9-hole course in the whole of the country! Expertly designed by internally recognised architects Donald Steel and Tom Mackenzie, the course takes you on a personal tour of this Scottish spectacle; along the River Avon with unrivalled panoramic views and among the heather clad hills and woodland areas so common in this part of the world. Definitely one fore the golf enthusiasts out there!

The River Spey is lovely to see even if you don’t go fishing

River Spey

With two great rivers on Ballindalloch’s doorstep, fishing is a given! The River Spey, the second longest in Scotland has one of the largest populations of fresh water pearl mussels as well as excellent stocks of native brown trout and both spring and Atlantic salmon; whereas the River Avon is synonymous with fly fishing. Did you know that the River Avon has also been called ‘The Fisherman’s River’? Will you be one of the many people that have caught fresh fish from its wonderful waters?

Take your camera on holiday to Ballindalloch and snap the 'coos'

The River Avon is also known for its grazing cattle along its banks, the oldest surviving bloodlines of Aberdeen Angus and today, one of the most recognisable and popular beef breeds in the whole world. Why not catch up with the Aberdeen-Angus team showcasing their prize-winning cattle on their many events and shows throughout the UK? Alternatively, you can see the herd in action at Ballindalloch Estate by getting in touch with the Farm Manager David Johnstone. Are your taste buds tingling and craving an Aberdeen-Angus bacon cheeseburger or a steak sandwich now? Of course, they are…

Ballindalloch has all you can want and more from your holiday to Scotland; spectacular countryside, fantastic home-produced food and drink, an array of unique sporting activities and a historic fairy-tale castle for all the family to explore. Certainly, worth the long trip up north to Banffshire and the Cairngorms National Park offers even more natural beauty just five miles south. It’s time to book a holiday cottage for a week or two and give yourself the adventure of a lifetime in Scotland.

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