Why Staycations can be the Best Holiday Choice

Cotswolds ideal for a staycationBritain is beautiful all year round with the scenery changing with the seasons and increasing numbers of Brits are deciding there really is no better place to holiday than right here at home in the UK; recent research shows increasing numbers of people choosing staycations nowadays, particularly for short breaks.  Ok, specialising in self-catering holidays in the UK and Ireland at Country Cottages Online we may be a teeny bit biased when it comes to what the UK has to offer but we’re not alone in having a penchant for the Great British getaway.


Reasons for Enjoying a Staycation in the UK

Avoid the Dreaded Airport Queues and Faff of Going Overseas

Reasons for choosing to take a stay-cation holiday are varied and plentiful; from saving the faff of dealing with currency exchanges and the stress of getting less for the pound (with our falling currency post-Brexit) to avoiding the inevitable airport queues and the experience of feeling like a squashed sardine on the increasingly shrinking seat spaces on numerous airlines nowadays.  Consider the hassle of going overseas and it’s easy to see why some people just choose to give all that stress and aggravation a miss.  What could be simpler than just getting in your car and driving to your UK holiday destination?   It’s all so carefree, flexible and appealing.

Ok, yes brilliant weather is never guaranteed in Britain but with so much to see and do and so many reasons to stay, holidaying at home in the UK still has plenty to offer and if your budget allows it there are options like holiday homes with games rooms and indoor pools so there’s plenty to enjoy come rain or shine!

Take the Pet Pooch Away Too!

Happy pets on holidayAnd if you have pets you love and see as part of your family the reasons for holidaying at home in the UK can be even stronger.   Lots of holiday homes are dog-friendly nowadays and some even welcome cats too!  So not only can you avoid the costs of kennels whilst on holiday, but you can also enjoy having your beloved pooch by your side to enjoy a break with you without them missing you and vice versa.

Britain is Indeed a Green and Beautiful Place with a Stunning Coastline

Britain's stunning coastOur little island is a real gem, not only do we have stunning countryside, tranquil unspoilt National Parks, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, forests, fields and farmlands, ideal for rural retreat breaks, Britain is also home to a superb coastline where you can discover sandy beaches, hidden coves and impressive cliffs.

What’s more, each part of Britain has her own unique character and individual appeal and there is so very much to explore.  Learn to surf or bodyboard in Cornwall, enjoy walking and hiking in Wales, wildlife watch in Scotland or explore the Emerald Isle (you may have to brave a flight though), the choice is yours!

Feel Understood on Holiday in Britain

We love to experience new cultures and discover something new but sometimes there is no place like home.  We Brits have our own quirks and culture and by and large we understand each other.  This feeling of being easily understood is part of what makes a holiday on old Blighty quite so appealing.

Indulge in Culinary Delights like Fish and Chips, a Cream Tea or Afternoon Tea on Holiday

British Afternoon TeaOk, so fish and chips may not be the most impressive culinary delight but hey most of us enjoy an excuse to have fish ‘n’ chips on holiday, it’s all part of the fun of a holiday in Britain.  And let’s not forget English Breakfasts (or Scottish, Irish or Welsh Breakfasts) depending on where you’re headed.  Whether we’re eating out or in, most of us just love a good fry up; we know it’s unhealthy, but we’re on holiday, and we want to enjoy it!  Then there’s the Great British Afternoon Tea and if you’re holidaying in the West Country the fun of the debate on whether you put the cream or the jam on the scones first.  Who cares as long as we like it and spoil ourselves a bit?

Enjoy your Favourite Foods on Holiday

Another big bonus of holidaying in the UK is that usually you can take your own favourite foods with you, whether you must have a Twinings Tea or PG Tips every morning or absolutely can’t live without Heinz Baked Beans, take a break in Britain and you can usually either pack your favourites or pick them up at the local supermarket.  It’s so wonderful to have those home comforts!

Don’t Miss your Favourite TV Shows Whilst Away

Popcorn by the fireOk, we expect you’ll want to do more than sit in front of the box on holiday but although it’s fun to get out and explore and enjoy meals and nights out, sometimes all we want is a night in where we can put our feet up, heat up a readymeal and watch our favourite shows.  There are plenty of UK holiday homes where you can watch Sky TV and of course pick up the usual domestic TV channels; heaven for soap-opera addicts and those who really don’t want to go without their weekly TV fix.


Find the Best Accommodation for your Staycation

Whether you want to holiday in England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland and are looking for a family holiday house or a romantic retreat, Country Cottages Online features a great selection of UK accommodation, from country cottages to coastal retreats.  Whether you’re planning a short break away or your main holiday this year is going to be a staycation, Country Cottages Online can help you find a cottage that best suits you.

Search for Staycations and get planning your next UK getaway.


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