Allergy Friendly Holiday Rentals

Searching for allergy-friendly holiday accommodation?  When you have an allergy, you’ll want to find suitable holiday accommodation where you can minimise worries re potential allergens setting off your symptoms.  Allergies nowadays are many and varied, and some pose more serious health risks than others.
What Types of Allergy Friendly Accommodation is Available?
There are two main types of allergy-friendly holiday rentals;
-    pet-free holiday homes which will appeal to those allergic to pet-hair, and
-    rentals with feather-free pillows and bedding.
Aside from that, by its very nature, self-catering accommodation can be a good choice for those with allergies.

Do you Get Asthma Symptoms in Response to Pet-Hair?
If you are allergic to pet-hair and get symptoms such as asthma you will ideally want to rent a pet-free holiday home where dogs or cats have never been permitted to stay.  If your allergy is serious, remember to take your inhaler on holiday, and also get in touch with the owner or agency prior to booking and ask them to ensure that the property has been deep cleaned before your break, and ask them to double check animals are never allowed inside the property.

Prefer to Avoid Pet-Hair?
If your allergy is less severe, you may be open to pet-free rentals where dogs are not usually permitted to stay.
Pet-Free Cottages

Allergic to Feathers?
If you are allergic to feathers often found in pillows and duvets, you may want to rent accommodation with allergen-friendly bedding.
Search Cottages with Allergy-Friendly Bedding

Why Book a Holiday Home if you have Allergies?
If you have allergies, booking a holiday home allows you more control over your environment than a typical hotel stay.  To ensure a safe and happy holiday we recommend that you reach out to the owner or agency prior to booking and explain your needs.
If you have a food allergy, you may find a stay in a holiday cottage where you can prepare your own meals is easier than dining out when you have less idea what goes in to your food.  If you have a serious allergy such as a nut allergy, you should ask the relevant owner or agency to ensure there has been a deep clean before your stay.  No holiday home can be guaranteed to be completely free of all allergens though of course, so some holidaymakers with more serious allergies may be best advised to ask for a deep clean then bring their own cleaning products for a wipe down upon arrival.

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