Self-catering holidays on a boat in London

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One of the very best places to stay for a holiday in London is on a houseboat on the River Thames.  Despite the hustle and commotion of a busy capital city, life on the bank of the Thames can be surprisingly tranquil. Depending on where the houseboat is moored, there may be a local riverside dwelling community seeking an alternative lifestyle or just people who have a houseboat as their weekend holiday home.

houseboat rentalAny holiday rental houseboats will be fully equipped as a real home where one may sleep, cook and live, even watch television. The accommodation will be compact so that it is important not to attempt to overfull the accommodation. There may be only one small bathroom that has to serve the entire boat. It is advisable to book a houseboat with this in mind.

Staying in a houseboat on the River Thames in the heart of London can be a unique and pleasurable experience. You will be in the centre of London and able to visit anywhere in London using the underground rail network.  Understandably, locations on the river will be more to the west away from Westminster to where river traffic is reduced and the banks are lined with trees and greenery. There are houseboats moored near Kew Gardens and up river towards Richmond, Kingston-upon-Thames and all the way past Windsor, Reading and Oxford.

Holiday living afloat on the river is very different from any hotel stay, you can be master of your own accommodation, enjoy the sun on deck, watch passing boats and feed the ducks. Your bed may sway you gently to sleep when night comes and the gulls might be your alarm clock.  Do consider a London holiday on a houseboat.

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