Pets allowed self-catering holiday cottages in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales

pets permitted self-catering uk cottages

Please click on a country in the UK and Ireland for pet-friendly self-catering holiday cottages where pets are as welcome as you are.

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It takes a lot of the grief out of a holiday if you are allowed to take your pet, usually a dog or two, on holiday with you. Kennel fees can be quite high and given the choice between driving on holiday with dogs or boarding them in kennels for a week or two, most dog owners would gladly rent a holiday cottage where dogs are permitted and risk the travel sickness.

Some dogs travel quite happily in a car, get their heads down and snooze for the duration of the trip. With dogs like these, taking short breaks and holidays in pets welcome cottages is a real pleasure and makes it easy to get away. Once settled in at your holiday cottage, your dogs will inevitably sniff every corner of the accommodation and when fully inspected, they will relax ready for new adventure tomorrow.

Holiday cottages and responsible dog owners

Dog owners know and understand their dogs. There are rules to be abided by in holiday cottages and self-catering apartments; more often than not, digs are not permitted to be left alone. We all know that some dogs can be fully trusted not to misbehave whereas others are liable to chew the sofa to pieces if lonely or upset.  You may of course leave your dogs unattended in the garden if it is fully fenced. There are plenty of dogs permitted cottages with enclosed gardens where you can let your dogs wander in, always remembering to clean up after them as you would anywhere.




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