Holiday accommodation in the Lake District, Cumbria

holiday accommodation in cumbria
Holiday accommodation in Cumbria, the Lake District for selfcatering holidaysIf you like nothing better than trampling the hills and dales of the Lake District and enjoying the wide open views and landscapes, then the following self-catering holiday accommodation is for you. Click on the self-catering accommodation pages to find the type of Lakeland country cottages, pine lodges or Cumbrian holiday apartments that you require for your holidays in the Lake District:

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Traditional Cumbrian stone dwellings as holiday lets

Visitors to the Lake District will notice the extensiveness of stone and slate cottages and houses. These blend very nicely with a natural landscape. Many have wooden or wood coloured window frames that add to the natural style. Whitewashed farmhouses and cottages are alss present, as are modern builds but it is the stone building that is typical of the lake District.

Visit in May to see the Lake District at its most colourful and in our opinion, its best. Vibrant splashes of azaleas and rhododendrons fill gardens and hedges. Banks of bluebells can be seen in a blue haze in woodland and on grass verges. Spring is such a pretty time for holidays in the Lake District, hawthorn, gorse and chestnuts are in blossom, yellow poppies fill the hedgerows and best of all, the roads are relatively traffic free.

Lake District holidays during May azalea flowering season

This is a rural county and in a similar fashion to the West Country, narrow farm tracks barely the width of a vehicle cross the farmland. Pray that if you end up travelling down one of these narrow country lanes that you will not meet another car until you emerge at the other end. Reversing a narrow lane can be nighmarish enough but add to that inclines and blind bends and your country tour can turn into your worst nightmare. However, please do not let me deter you from visiting Cumbria, there is no other holiday destination in England that can compete in terms of scenery and views, just avoid those old country narrow lanes.



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