Self-catering country cottages within walking distance of a pub serving food

One of the great pleasures of a self-catering holiday is that you can choose whether to cook for yourself or to eat out.  The famous British pub often offers excellent bar meals as well as a sociable drink - something that we all appreciate during a break in the UK.  Pages to lists of holiday cottages in the UK shown below are all within walking distance of a pub or use the Search Assistant to find a self catering holiday cottage matching your criteria.

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a welcome pub during a country cottage holiday

To choose a holiday cottage near a pub or not?

For some people, a pub within walking distance is essential. Close but not so near as to hear loud music or raucous laughter.

A visit to a pub can be part of the pleasure of a holiday and not just for bodily refreshment; a proportion of pubs offer live music to listen to.

Then there are those with seating in the garden – they’re invaluable for Sunday lunch in the sunshine.

The gourmet or good food pubs are always a pleasure.

There is nothing quite like the British pub for atmosphere. Find that country cottage to stay in that is close to a pub and plan your holiday around it.

It is wise to know what makes you happy on holiday and if a pub adds extra enjoyment to days out and stunning British countryside, then make sure that you include it.

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