Coronavirus Holidaymaker Update

The below information has been put together to update holidaymakers on the current position re cottage holidays in the UK during the coronavirus outbreak.

Can I still holiday in the UK?

As at 24/3/2020 the UK government has now effectively put the UK on a lockdown for 3 weeks and banned all but essential travel for work within the UK.  The government has stated that this position will be reviewed after 3 weeks.

The UK has now been effectively put on lockdown for a period of 3 weeks (after which time the measures will be reviewed).  People have been ordered to only leave the house for:

•    Shopping for basic necessities,
•    Medical needs or to help a vulnerable person,
•    Exercise such as a walk, run or cycle (once a day)
•    Travelling to and from work (if absolutely necessary and can’t be done from home).

The Police will be given powers to enforce the above through the use of fines.  Read the full details of the Prime Minister's speech.

It is therefore obviously not permitted by the government for people to go on holiday within the UK during this period.

If you have a query re a pre-existing booking or a future booking, please liaise direct with the relevant agency or independent owner.