Self-catering accommodation near Prudhoe, Northumberland

2 rental properties match your search for Self-catering accommodation Prudhoe Northumberland

Price from £1085
Next available 09/10 to 21/10/22
sleeps 4 - 9 guests 4 - 9
5 bedrooms 5
4 bathrooms 4
no dogs allowed
5 star

5 bedroom Holiday House

Stylish and beautifully presented 5 bedroom holiday house in Northumberland with countryside views to the rear, just 6 miles from Newcastle, sorry no pets.

Facilities & Features: TV
1 of 399 listed cottages. See more properties from Sykes Cottages
Price from £929
Next available 01/10 to 21/10/22
sleeps 2 - 4 guests 2 - 4
2 bedrooms 2
2 bathrooms 2
dog-friendly cottage, 2 dog(s) welcome2
4 star

2 bedroom Converted Watermill

2 bedroom pet-friendly converted watermill close to Hadrian’s Wall Country.

Facilities & Features: TV
1 of 399 listed cottages. See more properties from Sykes Cottages
* Price quoted is not inclusive of any applicable booking fees or local charges.

Find self-catering holiday accommodation near Prudhoe in Northumberland

Book a holiday rental in Prudhoe, especially if you have children, to have plenty to do during a self-catering holiday in Northumberland. Settle into a comfortable cottage or house and have somewhere that you can easily continue family living whilst having a good time. The town has a Waterworld centre with a wave machine and flumes in the pool - all good fun for children.

There is a castle to visit that is run by English Heritage, a golf course, Eastwoods Park and numerous eateries. It all adds up to the making of an enjoyable break.

Arrange day trips to the coast and to Newcastle from your holiday cottage and return knowing that the family will relax the moment that you step back through the door. The kids can help themselves to drinks from the fridge and snacks before they sit down to check their latest social media updates; so, do remember to book a holiday home with WiFi.

Book holiday accommodation that has a dishwasher and essential appliances

Mum and dad usually end up doing the cooking but at least that will save you lots of money in meals out and everyone can have umpteen refills or whatever they want without breaking any budgets. Find a cottage that has a dishwasher and the appliances that you would like and you will not even need to make the kids do the washing up. A holiday near Prudhoe, Northumberland, can be very good indeed.

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